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It starts with a dream

Ours is to be a business accelerator like no other.  To rocket your unstoppable talent, drive and determination to heights unknown.


Our Detroit roots hold the ultimate inspiration, the legendary Motown Records and its founder Barry Gordy, Jr. 


Motown’s unique approach launched more superstars than virtually any other record label in history, enabling Gordy to turn his initial investment of just $800 into a $61MM exit for himself, equivalent to $135MM in today's dollars.

Gordy’s success model included a group of experts who could take unrefined singers and turn them into hit-makers. This “Artistic Development” team included the people, processes and financial resources required to make superstars – songwriters, arrangers, producers, choreographers, public speaking experts and even etiquette teachers – all working toward the same goal.


GOTOWN’s “Success Acceleration” team works the same way for technology entrepreneurs. Our team of proven experts – business planners, investors, lawyers, marketers, tech pros, researchers –  provide the highest quality business resources, processes and capital funding to launch and grow tomorrow’s technology superstars.  

We accelerate your success

Our mission is to create genuine success faster for exceptional technology start-ups.  We provide proven, high-level resources to help you most effectively launch and grow your business. Whether you need business planning, marketing, sales, distribution, finance or capital funding, we can accelerate your success.

Funding Assessments

Our  20-minute funding assessment will determine your potential for capital funding and identify your company's gaps for reaching  full potential.

Business Planning

We will help  create a complete and realistic business plan, financial forecast and business requirements for achieving maximum 

potential and obtaining required funding

Sales & Distribution Strategy

We can develop and implement a high-performance sales and distribution strategy for scaling your business, including structuring, building and leading your sales team.

Marketing Services

We  can  conduct market research, develop highly-competitive marketing strategies and  provide tactical support for branding,  marketing materials, websites and multi-channel campaigns.

Financial Forecasting

We  can help you develop realistic product pricing, P&L forecasts, valuations and financial requirements for growth and maximize current and future profitability.

Staffing & Recruiting

We can provide interim staffing during initial stages of start-up as well as help recruit a qualified management team for moving forward.

Technology Support

We can provide technology support when needed, including advisory services, managed services and cloud-based hosting to help bring your product to commercial readiness.



Through our partnerships with funding sources, we can help qualified start-ups obtain "seed capital" as well as capital at each stage of growth thereafter.

Meet the Team


Tim Hamill
Chairman & CEO

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Tim has 40 years of experience in general management, strategic planning, sales and marketing for some of the world's largest and most successful companies, including AT&T, Caterpillar, Citibank, Eli Lilly and General Motors.  He has also successfully bootstrapped four 

companies throughout his career to provide technology and professional services to these well respected organizations.


Bryan Throckmorton
Vice Chairman

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Bryan’s experience spans across senior leadership roles in large firms as well as multiple start ups and early stage growth companies, almost always leading and building organizations to drive innovation for large Fortune 500 companies.  Bryan’s consulting expertise includes Digital Strategy & Transformation, as well as the application of AI, Analytics, Data, and IoT to drive business performance both in the US and globally.  He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, and has over 20 years experience in data and metrics driven business building.


Harsh Muthal
Business Advisor, Business Planning and F
unding Strategy

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Harsh is a recognized  entrepreneur and business leader who has driven large and small businesses towards growth and profitability. He's held senior executive roles with UniLever, IBM and Motorola in Asia, UK and USA.  More recently, he has helped over 75 tech start-up get funded and prosper. 


Susan Castro
Business Advisor, Marketing, Research and Operations


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Susan is a marketing communications professional with extensive experience in acquiring and growing profitable customer relationships – working on both the client-side and agency side of the business. She has a diverse background with an emphasis in telecommunications, retail, automotive, insurance and the travel industry.


Kevin Belgrade
Business Advisor, Sales and Growth Strategy

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Kevin is a seasoned executive and board member with more than 20 years experience in corporate strategy; sales strategy and channel management; market development; advanced analytics; customer experience design; corporate communications; and organizational change. He has proven experience leading and developing global teams.



Scott Schaefer
Business Advisor, Sales Strategy and Forecasting

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Scott has 30+ years of award-winning sales management success with a wealth of skills to help small and mid-sized business achieve record-breaking growth.


Lauren Munton
Business Advisor, Brand and Marketing Strategy 

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Lauren is a highly experienced brand and marketing strategist with 30+ years experience working with major UK and USA based companies.


Mark Peake
Business Advisor, Digital Marketing Strategy

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Mark has 25+ years business development experience in the technology space.  He is especially skilled in developing and executing growth plans for selling into large commercial enterprises.

LET'S work


Timothy Hamill, CEO



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